STILO Venti Trophy FIA jet helmet

Made in Italy.




STILO Venti Trophy FIA jet helmet

The Stilo Venti Trophy JET Composite 8859-2015 SNELL SA2020 helmet features an all-new shell specifically designed to accommodate the revolutionary Stilo 'WL' wireless communication system.
The strongest and lightest rally intercom helmet on the market.
Earmuffs: Noise attenuation that reduces ambient noise that can be problematic in competition cars, integrated speakers for optimal comfort on long stages.
EPS Cheek Pads: The Trophy is the only helmet on the market with both earmuffs and EPS cheek pads.
Adjustable visor: The visor can be raised and lowered to give the driver good visibility.

The Venti Trophy JET Composite 8859-2015 SNELL SA2020 rally helmet retains the proven Stilo Trophy PLUS intercom system, but the communication port has been redesigned for use with the WL wireless key (sold separately) which, when installed, fits snugly into the contours of the shell shape.
No microphone.
Noise-cancelling shells surround the speakers to significantly reduce outside noise and improve comfort levels.
The intercom system of the headsets is also compatible with traditional Stilo wired amplifiers. This eliminates the need to change headphones for vehicles that do not have a wireless amplifier.
The top ventilation system has been redesigned to provide sweat and moisture reduction and to allow the use of the Top Air System.

The STILO Venti Trophy JET helmet is made of MSF (Multi Sandwich Fibers) and Kevlar with reinforcements for an exceptional finish!

FIA 8859-2015 SNELL SA2020 approved
Available sizes: XS to XXXL.
Without HANS system.
Without microphone.
Color: Silver / White
Made in Italy.

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