Camera SmartyCam HD 2.1 AIM 84° (2M CAN cable)

Designed for motorsports, the SmartyCam provides videos with essential data to help you improve your performance.




SmartyCam HD 2.1 AIM 84° (2M CAN cable)

The AIM SmartyCam HD has been designed to withstand the extreme conditions of motorsport and provide you with impressive quality images with the ability to insert data (speed, rpm, track plan, etc.) in real time into your videos.

Version with a 84° lens, ideal for open vehicles.
A version for closed vehicles is also available with an 67° lens.

- Real time data displayed directly on the videos (circuit map, speed, rpm, logos, texts, etc.)
- Possibility to analyse your performance with the Race Studio 3 software. The video of an entire session, once downloaded to your PC, can be divided - with a simple click - into individual videos of each lap: you can then watch two simultaneously and check where you were faster or slower.
- Automatic on/off option
- No ""wave effect"" and improved video quality thanks to CMOS sensor
- Lenses specially designed for motorsport
- Front-mounted colour TFT display for easy image setup
- High quality video files: 3 recording quality modes to choose from
- Compact and easy to install
- 100% waterproof

- Video format : H.264 1280x720 pixels @ 30 fps
- Display resolution : 128x128 pixels
- Field of view : 67° or 84°
- Lens : Telecentric with 6 elements
- Supported SD card : Up to 128 GB
- Memory capability : 1.5 GB (1 hour low quality recording), 2 GB (1 hour medium quality recording), 4 GB (1 hour high quality recording)
- Internal battery : Rechargeable Lithium battery - 1.950 mAh
- Internal battery duration :120 - 150 min of recording
- Battery charge: 700 mAh 12 V
- Accelerometer : Three-axial ± 5G
- External power : 9-15 V
- Auto Power ON : Yes, if connected to an AiM logger
- Auto Power OFF : Yes
- Auto Start/Stop Recording :Yes
- Usage temperatures : -10°C/+60°C
- Dimensions : 87x63x49 mm
- Weight 280 g : battery included
- Waterproof : IP67

In the box (any microphopne cable excluded) : SmartyCam HD with 67° or 84° lens, CAN cable or external power cable, USB/AC power adapter, Battery charger, CD for software installation, User manual

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