AIM SmartyCam 3 Sport

Includes: SmartyCam 3 Sport with 67° or 84° lens, 2 or 4 m CAN cable, battery charger with AC adapter. Optional 2-channel data hub.




AIM SmartyCam 3 Sport

Full HD recording | Crystal clear video | TFT colour display | Auto start/stop | Real time video overlay | Configurable | Choice of lens and cable length | No vibration or wobble | Waterproof

Choose from 2 cable lengths (2 metres and 4 metres) and 2 different lens angles (67°: best suited for closed vehicles; 84°: perfect for open cars).
The 2-channel Data Hub is optional. It functions as an interface between the AiM recorders and sensors. It also has an external 12V power connection.


Configurable overlays
Designed for motorsport, the AIM SmartyCam allows you to film your sessions by overlaying essential technical data on the image to help you improve your performance (circuit layout, vehicle position, speed, braking, acceleration, lap times, split times, etc.).

Complete internal data logger
All data received from the CAN bus and internal sensors are recorded as .mp4 files. At the end of your session, you will find on your SD card (or MSD) all the information you need for an in-depth data analysis. The SD card is sold separately.

Automatic circuit recognition
The camera will automatically detect the track you are on from a large database.

Designed for extreme use
The SmartyCam 3 Sport is waterproof (IP65). It is also made of cast aluminium, reinforced with PA fibreglass and has a sapphire front glass for optimal protection.

Automatic start and stop
No need to think about turning your camera on or off. The SmartyCam 3 Sport does it automatically.

No wave effect
Designed for extreme use, the SmartyCam 3 Sport will automatically suppress vibrations in the image. The ""wave"" effect is a distant memory.

High quality with small video files
Smaller video files for higher quality. The SmartyCam 3's videos have the same quality as other full HD cameras, but the file size is reduced. This is because the H.264 compression system settings have been optimised to strike the perfect balance between video quality and file size.

Free setup with Race Studio 3
With Race Studio 3 software, you can configure your overlays in virtually infinite ways: add your logo, track layout, or select your graphic objects from the various templates.
The video of an entire session, once downloaded to your PC, can also now be split with a single click into individual videos of each lap: so you can watch two simultaneously and check where you were faster or slower.


Video format: H.264 1920 x1080 pixels @ 30 fps
Screen resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
Lens: Low distortion camera lens
CMOS sensor: Global shutter
Field of view: 67° or 84°.
Internal battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
External power supply: 9-15 Volt
MicroSD card support: Up to 2 TB
Accelerometer: Tri-axial ± 16G
Connectors: 1 Binder 712 female
Operating temperatures: -10°C/+50°C
Auto power on : Yes
Auto power off: Yes
Auto start/stop recording : Yes
Dimensions: 79.9 x 54 x 46.5 mm
Weight: 200g including battery
Water resistance: IP65

SmartyCam 3 Sport with 67° or 84° lens, 2 or 4 m CAN cable, battery charger with AC adapter.
Optional 2-channel data hub.

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